Monday, April 20, 2009

Blogging Friends!

For the last few weeks I have been from one side of the country to the other. I’ve traveled to Los Angeles, Phoenix, Atlanta, NYC and everywhere in between. My teaching focus has been on Pursuing God all year long but not in some generic way but in very specific ways. Lately I have been consumed with the idea of “pursuing God’s pathway”. The thought behind this comes from Psalms 16.11, “You will make known to me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; in Your right hand there are pleasures forever.”

My belief is that the path of life is our quest to walk in the purpose of God and when we do this it results in joy, peace and godly pleasure. We have to remain conscious of God’s presence with us at all times and live with a desire to fulfill His plan for our lives.

My questions to you are, “What do you personally do in order to stay on the ‘path of life’?” and “What is the path of life to you?”

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  1. Hi Bishop,
    I will begin by answering the second part of your question first. To me, the path of life is the "straight and narrow way ". This path is difficult to walk because on this path I have to make a conscious choice to love people even when they irritate me. To do this in my own strength is impossible. However, the Holy Spirit personally helps me to accomplish this task while I'm walking on the "path of life " which brings me to the first part of your question. What do I personally do? I choose to live my life as an example . On this path, being an example can be a powerful tool which demonstrate God's word in action. The end result will be God receiving Glory when the lost can see Jesus in my life and change theirs.

  2. I am a believer in Jesus Christ, and have been a Christian since 1975. Your series on seeking God's path has changed my life. I have been hung up on thinking sin was blocking me from being lead by the Holy Spirit and knowing God's path for me. I understand now, by your guidance through scripture, that I must ask the Holy Spirit to lead me in all truth. Therefore opening my heart for God to lead me in the path He has for me.
    I praise God for leading me to your program.

  3. The path of life?...Hmmm.Isn't it interesting how our perspective changes when our vision gets a little clearer?
    I have chosen to be intentional about my relationship with the Father,I make it a goal to control my thoughts, and I maintain a drama free life. It has become a necessity for life as I know it today. It wasn't always like that so I was totally off the path (amen?). I'm learning with each step, the path is not really meant for me to try and figure out the destination, but it's God's intention to try and make it as interesting and fun as possible. What we often will do is try and figure out what or why He's doing what He's doing instead of enjoying the journey. Psalms 16:11 is what I call David's "declaration of friendship with God". That's the path in a nutshell.
    "Super Suzi Christian or Wonder Prophet Sam" will try to over spiritualize life's events and we miss many of the invitations to just love the path and enjoy His presence. The path for me?...My desired path is to go straight to His heart, to be at His side when we go home and to bring as many people with me as I can. If this path is to be shared with those that have that same heart, that's just icing on the cake!!!