Friday, January 23, 2009

Inauguration Insights

As I stood in the midst of more than a million people Tuesday at one of the most historic presidential inaugurations, a million thoughts and questions were running through my mind. Would the new president be able to live up to such great expectations? Would people support him after the inauguration? Did we understand the trying times before us? Of course, I had no concrete answers to these questions, and just as I acknowledged that, another more formidable question ran through my heart: click here to read more


  1. I also stood at amazement Courtney of all the thousands and thousands of people that stood in lines and crowded the Capitol Mall to be a part of American History. The day Pres. Barak won the election, I cried because I never thought I would see the day an African American would become President. I just wish my mother could have lived to see the day, then her marching with Martin Luther King, Jr. would not have been in vain. As with you my dear, my prayers are constantly in order for our new President and his dear family. I am glad we stood in the cold together during this special moment in time.

  2. Bishop McBath,
    What a timely word! As I searched my heart during this historic moment, I too was seeking the same answers from God. I knew his hand was at work all through this campaign season, because too many things were happening out of the ordinary. As I watched now President Obama in different situations during and after the campaign that would try even the most strongest hearted person, there was such a calm, focus, and centered aura exuding from him. I knew it had to be the peace that only God can give and to allow for his compassion to shine through. As our new President he faces so many challenges, but we know God is in control and he is only I pray an instrument to do His will. I am so thankful for the opportunity to join with you, Pastor Janeen and the body of Christ at large in praying for our President, but most of all for God to move as only he can. I also thought about that same scripture which included "And the goverment shall be on His shoulders" We know God is getting ready to do a great thing in this earth and it is an exciting time to be a child of God! Thank you for creating this blog as an outlet for us to express our views about this most historical event. Love You much!
    Cheryl Randolph

  3. Bishop:
    I thought your blog was thought provoking and insightful. You ask the key question of all: What is God doing in all of this? We certainly know He thrives during opportunities like this. Unique times like this when a representative of the historically oppressed reaches a place of great power. As we know, He gets much glory out of raising up a people who were counted out and considered insignificant. I think we as the Church, particularly the African-American arm, have a responsibility during this time to show great humility and not allow the natural pride in the accomplishment of a man of color to distract us from our primary objective. By resisting the temptation to be arrogant and prideful to those of the white community that have demonstrated arrogance in the past, we truly exemplify Jesus and provide an opportunity for God to promote further healing among the races and to move one step closer to His ultimate goal: reconcliation of the world to Himself.

  4. I believe that President Barack Hussein Obama was destined to become President of the United the States of America. When reading about his birth to present, it is amazing how compassionate and resilient he was (still is). When facing oppositions, he is able to diffuse and transform his opponents with kindness and respect (i.e.: when he was running for Chicago senate and against Hillary Clinton). In spite of the mud throwing at him in the last few years, he always seems to take the Jesus route (love and respect), which we all should…humm

    President Barack Hussein Obama is showing us that, if we desire to succeed (depends on your definition of success). We must pursue a relationship with God, pursue excellence in education, and respect for the law of the land.

    Calherbe Monel
    Virginia Beach, VA

  5. As I see it the convergence of dates and times mentioned in paragraph two sheet one are incidential. The Hisorical Inauguration of President Obama, although significant, is not the elemination of Dr. King's Dream. I believe God is saying not withstanding the economic upheaval, wars in two countries, threats of terrorism alluded to in paragraph three page one "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord and the people whom He has chosen for His inheritance. He is our refuge and stronghold in times of high costs, destitution and desperation. The Presidential Inauguration and euphoria is parenthetical. We the Body of Christ must purpose in our heart to remain His chosen inheritance per Paslms 33;12. Don't stop praying for our leader.
    Willie Madden

  6. This is a great day in America! As a Christian African American man, who also happens to have strong conservative leanings, I find myself in a dichotomy struggle. On one hand rejoicing we have an African man as leader of the geatest nation on God's earth; leading a country that once considered it's Black citizens second class. But struggling with the new President's positions and recent decision to lift the ban on federal funding for abortion in other nations; views about same sex marriage and others that as a believer is a game changer for me. However, because I know God is sovereign is His dealings, I am praying the Lord helps me to see His hand behind the scene and pray fervently for the president. Although not to pray that every decision he makes succeeds, but rather, that God would use Him to help the country succeed. How does a believer balance this struggle between core christian principles and ethnic pride without appearing to be against my own kind?

    V/R, MapMaker

  7. Dear Bishop, I am a member of CRC and joined in 2007. Never before in my life have I been in a church that is opening up new dimensions for me and helping me to walk in my purpose. Your comments about the inauguration brought new insight to me concerning the times that we are in. I believe the state of this nation is going to bring about a time of revival like we have never seen before. People have tried everything else, now it is time to try God. President Obama is a man of faith, and that faith is going to help him lead in those areas that seem impossible. Being President at this time is his destiny. I thank you and Pastor Janeen for helping me to fulfill my purpose and walk in my destiny.
    Much love and blessings
    to you,
    Sister Hortensia Edwards

  8. Very Deep Bishop;

    Can you break this down for me a little more?

    There are so many levels of historical and societal significance to ponder.
    All the symbolism and amazing significance of this election. The world wide hope that this country will actually live up to its ideals. The mix races and religions and ages that worked hard to elect him. The tears of joy from white and black people alike.
    The fact that this is no big deal to many young people.

    The call for the church to rise up and be what it is suppose to be is what you have preached to us way before this election.

    One of the biggest things I felt among volunteers and talking to voters from here to Portland during the election was; A sense of empowerment of the people. That if we are organized and committed to our cause, we can elect who we choose. We can make a change that we want.
    Maybe that sense of empowerment will cross over to we Christians. You have taught us that we are the ones who are connected to the one true source of power. Jesus

    So have I understood your statement?

    Hit me back.


  9. You guys were CLEAN!!!

  10. milesgoldsby@msn.comJanuary 25, 2009 at 5:50 PM

    Dear Bishop Courtney,

    I had mixed emotions before the President's Inauguration and since then as well about how this whole thing squares with me as a believer and as a United States Citizen. I have also been pondering what does this whole thing mean not only to us as African Americans but to other masses of people and to the rest of the world! It almost seems as if African Americans have been looking for someone to rescue us from our struggle in America. President Obama has been viewed in some ways as a saviour of sorts and that he is our answer to black plight in America and that Dr. Martin Luther King's dream has been fulfilled in President Obama! Our Redeemer and our Saviour is Jesus Christ! You are right in saying "Where's God in this"! President Obama is in the White House due to what I believe is not only through being democratically elected but by Divine intervention and by Divine appointment! President Obama is a brilliant, gracious man but it will take much more than brilliance and kind words for Mr.Obama and our nation to rise up and overcome all of the issues that we are facing. Let's face the real issue. All United States citizens must first have a full understanding that Mr. Obama is President for all Americans and President Obama is to be a tool used by God for the good of all people and for the betterment of the whole world! Our business as Christians is to pray for our nation, our President and its leaders and for President Obama to choose to seek God and to return to the primary belief our Forefathers created this nation on "In God We Trust". God's place in this is to bring us back to a point where we will put God back on our money and back in our schools and court rooms! Just maybe as you stated recently that when Mr. Obama is brought to the point of saying that I can't figure this out and its going to have to be God that fixes this for us then we will be on the right path. We as a nation will need to be praying for the day to come when Mr. Obama stands up and declares that we as a nation will serve the True and Living God of Israel and that we choose to declare Him as the God of the United States once again! I see God being in this to draw the United States back to Him and through the United States' influence we will draw other nations to Him. I also see God possibly using the United States and President Obama as a pawn in the current Israeli conflict in the Middle East. It is vital that we as a nation continue to ally with God's chosen people Israel! I am praying for the peace of Jerusalem! As always be encouraged and mightily embolden in the Lord Jesus Christ!
    Love you Sir!

  11. Bishop...God has chosen President Obama for such a time as this. I pray that the President is able to keep God first in his life and seek his guidance every day and in every action. Bishop...God has also chosen you for such a time as this. As your flock grows, we seek your leadership. My and family and I have chosen to come under your "covering" at the leading of the Holy Spirit. Just as we will obey our government....we will obey you as you govern "your sheep". So, I say arise Bishop and accomplish all that God will have you accomplish through those of us who are submitted to you. As you are controlled by the Spirit so shall we be.---Love you!

  12. I agree that God is using this time as a pivotal point for the Church...Coming from the perspective of someone that is 28yrs old, and did not experience some of the things that my parents and grandparents endured...this is indeed a wake up call...I feel that for too long, so many have been solely depending on people and things...not fully embracing the comfort gained in depending on God...This election has sparked people's hopes again..however, I believe that this will just be momentary and there will be a need for a true source of hope, consistency, and stability...which can only be found in fear, well..i really shouldn't say fear....but my concern is that the people of God be prepared and ready for the harvest that is about to come....All of these events coming to past should make us, the church, even more passionate and determined to fulfill the purpose of God...No man knows the day, nor the hour when God is going to return...and it is most valuable that the Lord finds us working, fruitful, and diligent.

  13. AMEN. Since election night I have asked God this very question and He has answered it through His manservant. Thank you for posting this.

    PS-Pastor Janeen looks Fab! :-)

  14. Wow! I totally agree with the thoughts and reflection of Bishop McBath. As the church we do have the answer and the call to be to world a light leadership and an extension of God's grace and love. Though the government can provide a glimpse of hope only Jesus can provide true change that the world needs. One did you feel standing next to the first lady

  15. I agree that it is time for the church to rise. When we get pass our comfort zones trading old mentality for new energy and ideas and embracing others with unconditional love we can move mountains.

  16. During the inaugural speech I sat in the break room at lunch time with my co-workers hanging on to every word that proceeded out of the mouth of our newly elected president. I was excited but I too wondered if we, as a country, were putting too much weight on our new President’s shoulders.
    I have grown to understand that we all have to take responsibility for the shape that both this country and the world are currently in. President Obama is extremely intelligent and I believe that he is going to run this country to the best of his ability. But we must understand that 1 man’s best, no matter who that 1 man is, can never be totally sufficient (unless that one man is Jesus.) I do believe that both President Obama and this country, as a whole understand that. The President has challenged us, as a nation, to become more accountable and aware of what is going in the world around us not just in the United States of America. This concept seems fairly new to Americans, who have mostly been concerned with our own country rather than thinking on a global scale. As Christians, however I feel that we should already have a deep understanding of accountability, just based on the fact that we hold ourselves accountable to God daily. Our role, as followers of Christ should be the same no matter who is in office. We should still pray for our leaders (Tim 2:1-3). Get involved in our own communities (because it begins there), assist with finding solutions to our nation’s problems instead of simply complaining, and seek God for his guidance.
    Change always scares people but we have to be mindful of our fears. Our country has been afraid for far too long. The Bible say’s God has not given us the spirit of fear (IITim1:7). Which means….. fear comes from where? Satan! I think that we should be courageous no matter who is in office. The Bible say’s the righteous are as bold as a lion (Pro 28:1). We, who serve God, have no reason to be afraid. So with that being said, I look forward to the next 4 years no matter what is in store.
    I don’t really know if President Obama will meet my expectations. But, I am sure that time will undoubtedly answer the questions that I have concerning him. I will continue supporting President Obama now that he is officially President of the United States, as I am enlisted in the US Navy and he is my Commander and Chief. I do believe that most people in the country are aware of the unfortunate state that we are in, but we have to take it 1 day at a time. A wise person once said “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that’s why it’s called the present.” All we can do is trust God and prepare for the future because we do not know what it will bring. “We, the church, are destined to carry the government, bear the needs of the people, and to be the solution to the problems in our nation and in the global community.” I wholeheartedly agree. Great blog Bishop! You and Pastor Janeen look awesome in the photo BTW, and pastor Janeen’s hair was fierce at church today (Jan25). She always looks beautiful.

  17. wow thas crazy maybe its a mistake on my screen but it says im the 1st i was jus gonna read it and be out but Bishop i must say this truly brought me to my knees before i could even finish as soon as i got to the part "A generation after King, just as with the Israelites in the wilderness, the next generation inherits the promise for which their fathers died." MANNN it was over i was on my knees thankin the Lord for His faithfulness and abundant grace literally but indeed Bishop that commentary was real it touched me Holla...Looya!!!

  18. I appreciate your reference to Grace! The peoples of God seem to want to receive Grace from God but way to often never give Grace to the next brother. Great thought and great expectation. Moving on we neede to be reminded that Jesus said, My Kingdom is not of this world. Keeping our eyes on Him is critical as we move through this journey of historical and monumental change. Again, we need to hold our expectations to God's provision, not our government. Keep preaching the faith and Grace of God! Thanks and God Bless you and yours!

  19. What we, the church, now know and understand through our own experiences is that real freedom is only found in slavery to Christ. So yes Bishop, I totally agree the solution to ALL of our nation's and the world's issues have to be found in the Church.

    By the way, you and Pastor Janeen look way too good to have been cold. No red ears or running nose:) I had on layers, hats, gloves, boots, a hood, hand warmers, feet warmers and a coat that looked like the Michelin man:) But, what an amazing day!

  20. Bishop,
    As I was watching the coverage of the inauguration I began to reflect on how great the expectations are for this particular president,especially among African Americans. I don't believe any man could ever live up to such lofty expectations,an we as believers should definitely keep Our president lifted up in prayer.I do however believe most Americans want him to succeed and I thought the parallels you drew between him and other great leaders in our past were very insightful.God is definitely up to something and I pray president Obama will allow himself to be used by God.

  21. Great Blog!!! This is a great season and a moment in History which will never be forgotten.
    I am so glad to be a part of it all!!!! I look forward to what God has in store for those who love Him.

    It's so good to see children in the white house, I love it.

  22. Awesome Word sir! I pray we as a church stand up in this time. I pray that when the annals of mankind are finished it will say we understood our times, and we glorified the name of Jesus Christ in our generation!

  23. As all ways Bishop is RIGHT ON POINT!! The thought provoking info. was mind boggling.

  24. Very insightful. I just hope as the church we do not get caught up in the greatness of any man. We know that God has ordained this time and I believe President Obama fits into God's plan for this season. However, I'm concerned with the amount of hope and expectantcy we place in human leaders. When they fail, we are distraught. Let's keep our eyes on the only One who can bring about real change...Jesue Christ. Now that the excitement is dying down a bit, we do need to be cognizant of our position...all of us. God has a purpose and plan for each of us to fulfill in His world for His glory. Let's continue to seek God so we will be ready when He says, "You're on!"

    Dana Williams
    Virginia Beach, VA

  25. Bishop,
    I have often wondered why there has not be a great leader in our country since Dr. Martin Luther King who could mobilize, strategize, verbalize and realize like he did. I do believe, as you have said, that the Church will become that great leader. God is up to something. I believe He will use President Obama. I also believe the Church needs to be ready to roll when God says "Let's Go!"

  26. Bishop this is great insight. I've read that scripture many times and never made the connection about our role as the church bearing up our government. I agree that Pres. Obama has a grace about him. Sometimes people challenge the grace that he exudes because of a questioning of his true motives. Whether people know his true motives or not, he is respected for his ability to empathize and connect with others even of differing opinions. As Christians, if we rise up, we will exude a grace that will not only change lives, but transform this nation.

  27. So many things raced through my mind as I stood with millions at the inauguration. I thought back to April 1968 when I watched Dr. Kings funeral on the old black and white TV. I thought about all those who went before us so that we could have this day. I thought about whether my daughters would understand the magnitude of this event. Finally I thought about how on the night of November 4th I cried unashamedly in front of my three daughters as they looked at me in wonderment and much curiosity. There is no doubt in my mind that despite winning the popular and electoral votes, President Obama is in his position but GOD willed it so. So what will we do now? We've had center stage before. We are destined to carry the government, bear the needs of people and be the solution to the problems in our nation. Will we? Will we step out of our comfort zones and embrace the unsaved, the downtrodden, the left-behind and less fortunate? I believe you've been teaching us this for years. But what will we do? Will we as the world-wide church take our eyes off of frivolous issues such as buildings, carpeting, choir robes, church notoriety or will we focus on introducing the lost to Jesus Christ? Will we feed the hungry? Will we tutor those parents and children who can't read? Will we love unconditionally and embrace the less fortunate willingly while doing this gracefully and with humility? Again this is our time! It's our destiny. Our fulfilling our destiny is not based on President Obama being elected. It's the will of GOD. I'm excited because if I were a betting man, I'd put my wager on the church. The prophesy will be fulfilled according to Isaiah 9:6. Will it be done in our lifetime is the question. Using the sports cliche, "The ball is in our court!" Will the church score the winning basket or will the church commit a turnover?

  28. Bishop, We in Seattle are proud of the accomplishment. We in Seattle, all though very far away, sense the urge to continue to pray fervently for this President & his cabinet & the daily decisions that go forth in the political arena. Through your & Pastor Janeen's teachings of prayer, I am in position to travail regularly for the church of this country that needs to change in a major way to be able to take up the challenge that you and many are embracing. I support you and this country that will step forward and pave the way that this country needs so desperately. As one Pastor stated, if Jesus were in person here today, which church would he attend? My guess, is that he would not be pleased where we are. We have a lot of work to do and must continue to pray ...breaking down the barriers, those walls that are not supposed to be there. Thank you for your prayers and leadership! Thank you and Pastor Janeen for always standing firm on LOVE....the one thing that draws people to CHRIST. Hallelujah! Praise HIM!

  29. CRC Faithful 4 from Yorktown (CRC class #39)January 30, 2009 at 11:13 AM

    Thank You Bishop & Lady J for representing the CRC Family in such a spritually reflective and externally elegant manner! Your words have resonated & exposed new usual. Thank God that He has indeed prepared us for such a time as this!!!

  30. I too stood in the cold in Washington, D.C. to witness this great event. I remember watching TV when then Senator Obama announced that he was running for president and I attended his first rally in Virginia Beach. I told my nephew after the rally that I believed this candidate was going all the way to the White House because it was time. God's timing is perfect. President Obama's story is unique which added to his universal appeal. An elderly white woman cried in front of me during his swearing in and turned to me right afterwards, shouting "isn't this wonderful!" We both continued to cry with joy. I join all of you in praying for our president, his family and the leadership of this county. It is such a great time to be alive. The church has much to do. We must proclaim, Jesus is still the answer. It's time to move forward. By the way, you and Pastor Janeen looked great!

  31. Bishop McBath...the other day, I heard someone say "I'm bringing pastoring back" - as if to say that the fundamental truths and integrity of such a profound calling no longer existed. Now, I get what they were saying. While President Obama isn't "The Savior", I do believe he's restoring faith in the the political process - that someone God is saying "ENOUGH" and has blessed us with such a wonderful, INTELLIGENT, and compassionate leader. A man who seems to consider the impact of his actions and words (on not just Americans), but all people.

    Anyway...I just wanted to say that my husband and I love you and we can not wait to join you at Calvary Revival Church in June!

  32. Thank you Bishop for such a wonderful prospective on the inauguration. I too agree that God is truly up to something. Actually, he's really not up to something he has given us forsight of this moment in his word and you have been teaching and drilling us all along on being ready to move when God makes the call. I believe that he has raised our president up for such as time as this and I hope and pray that the church will arise and do its part in helping our president and the nation get back on the right track. I believe that much prayer as well as a lot of obedience and sacrifice will be needed by all Americans if we intend to be the thriving country that we once were. We have to stop thinking of self or as you say we need to get rid of the "WIIFM" attitude and start asking what can I do to help my brother or sister that's in need or what can I do to help build a better community for "our" children. You hear lots of talk about our president's road to the White House; those same roads that he took to the White House runs through each and every community in this country and are traveled by the successful and the impoverished. I think now is the time for us as believers to travel those same roads and spread the good news of what God's plan is for this nation and save some souls along the way. The saying used to be "It takes a village to raise a child, now it takes and village to raise a village.


    You look great Bishop, even as the escort of the Divalicious Pastor Janeen :-)

  33. WoW, Bishop! As I watched the service (via streaming faith, here in Chicago) this morning and you addressed your experience at the inauguration, it reminded me of what you said to me in the boutique that one evening. You stated this was the hardest electoral decision you ever struggled with. Something kept me from asking why, partly would be my insecurity manifested more in a arrogant agreement--as if I really understand, the other part would be a fear of hearing the truth.

    Most of us as African American hate to admit it, we voted for this man because he too claimed being African American. Few really researched WHO this man is at the core of his being. I got the his book, Audacity of Hope, and this helped me to learn more about who he believed he is, and I came face to face with ideals we share that are very different like abortion rights, and those that are the same, such as loving GOD and making HIM head of your life.

    I know that this is a turn in century, so many people, young and old feel a sense of jubilee--freedom and overcoming. Mr. President is so charismatic, which makes everyone who listens to him feel anteceptism (Mary’s NSV)...we feel better.

    A friend admitted last night that she dreamt before Pres. Obama's election, that he signed the new world order for one government--as we see how well he is received and loved by people from other countries (partly because of his intelligence, the other because the Black Man is well received in most other countries in this world). The night of the election I was driving a Jordanian, Egyptian, and a Lithuanian in my car, and one asked if I think Mr. Obama would win--I stated that I will be voting for him--he stated he and his people hopes that he does, but also hope he doesn't have an ending like Kennedy's.

    I decided people are what make life as hard as they are valuable to life itself. My sister and girlfriend raved about all the reason this country is not ready for a "Black" president and how it will not happen--and they did not think he was ready. Then, after the election, these same people astounded with crazy overjoyed--"We Made It” after his election. I wondered if they even voted for him, but mostly I wondered is this how people looked to Jesus. I told my sister that the same people who praise Pres. Barack today will curse him tomorrow...we need to pray for ourselves.

    I thought this morning about the 'one world order', and thought about what you were saying about how the preparation in the Old Testament prepared the way for Christ's coming in the New. The fear of the unknown and doubt left me, when I stated to a friend (Cheryl), these things must come--so, Christ may return. GOD's Will be done. Now I realize that all these things are working together truly for our GOOD. I want what is coming for the grace and sake of GOD's plan.

    Short: The church must take its rightful place in the lives of GOD's people, community & government. I was asking GOD for 7 years of Jubilee, now I just ask HIS Will--HE knows Best.

    Thank-you, Bishop. Mary L. Aaron, Chicago, IL

  34. Hello Bishop:

    I was pleased to know that you and Pastor Janeen were attending the historical inauguration of President Obama. Since many of us could not be there I' m content that you were there to share your personal insight with us, thank you. You have always taught us the significance of generational gaps, and of numbers when it comes to biblical history as they interact with our lives, and the troubles in the world. So my question is the same as yours; what is God saying, and doing in all of this?

    Could it be that the black man turned from God a long time ago, and was dammed because of it, and lost his brilliance, and maybe now God is ready to return him to glory as in the book Return To Glory by Freeman, and Griffin? Or, is President Obama the person for this task ? Or is he a man that happens to be black, or is he a black man with a white mother, or a man that happens to have strong democratic support? I don't believe that any of these things matter because God uses kings, queens, and ordinary people to do His will. In the book of Esther, Mordecai asked Queen Esther this question "who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this? " So only time will say to us what God is doing.

    Also as God's people we know that no man, woman, president, government or people in high places can give out or display grace. Grace is a gift from God though His Son Jesus, and I'm praying that our president knows this. But one thing we all know as the church we must bare the weight of the world, for we are the government. We also know that there is a reward for our burdens for in Isaiah 9:7 it says " Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this."

    Bro. C. Brown

  35. Bishop, I believe God is setting a climate once again that is stirring His people, causing us to no longer stand by idle but take a stand! Your insite gave me an image of watching waves come in from the in ocean. I feel another wave coming in. Are we ready? I belive some of us are and some of us are not and when the wave comes all those prepared (that have been watching and waiting for it) will be able to ride it out and all others (unprepared) will drown. As God stirs the water during the season and send in wave after wave I think alot of what has been foretold in His word will become even more real to us as a church.

  36. No adjective can describe the feelings I felt to watch President Obama get sworn in. An African American man has been elected president ....WOW!!To those that say you thought you would never see it, all things are possible through GOD!!
    It is my belief that through difficult times a great leader is appointed by GOD. My mother directed me to mention of a Barak in Judges and in Hebrews in the BIBLE. What I found comfort in is Hebrews 11:32. How I interpreted to read(and please correct me Bishop)is that through faith Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, and Samuel lead in victory.
    President Obama's election was not just a black thing, it was change thing to me. GOD has spoken.

  37. Wow! This was incredibly moving and though provoking. I am 25 years old. I have voted now in two elections, but I can honestly say that I have never been so interested in or followed an election and campaign so closely. I was incredibly moved and proud when President Obama was elected. I am not African-American, but I am so proud to have a man of color in the highest office in the country. The choice was clear cut, but I can't wait to see what GOD has in store for the country, the world, and the President. This is the first inauguration that I have ever watched. I must say though to see President Obama get sworn in as our 44th President brought tears to my eyes. I would also like to say America bless GOD!!! Holla atcha churchgurl!


  39. You know that your thoughts are always provoking and way outside of the box. I am expecting God to get even more glory in this nation and I am careful to keep my eyes on Him and I avoid the mania. However, I am very proud of how far we have come. If no one else says this, I want to know how you got that gorgeous woman superimposed into the picture with you? Gotcha!

  40. wow...
    thank you for your insight, Bishop. Absolutely powerful.

  41. In my review of the past year’s events regarding the campaign all the way through to the inauguration and the effects on this country and the world I see clearly how God has moved on every front. The events have not just happened but were orchestrated by the hand of God. People everywhere, young and old began to get involved in one way or another by either praying, by being informed, by having open dialogue, or by community participation. It was great and inspiring to see what can get done when people come together for a common goal. That is what God teaches us in His Word that when we as believers come together and get involved for things that are dear to His heart and bring Him glory nothing is impossible. I see that all of the events happened just as God intended them to and I am excited to see how He is going to move and just show out in the days ahead. He is calling all of us to straighten up, dust ourselves off and get busy at home, at work, in our neighborhoods and Churches and represent Him. The time is ripe for the harvest. IT’S A SET-UP!

    R. Cook

  42. Stephanie A. RobinsonFebruary 1, 2009 at 10:14 PM

    Good Evening Bishop McBath;
    I have thought about some of the same things, however, you went into great detail. I must say that I am proud of the change that we see in our government, however, my heart feels a sense of fear. I know that fear is not of God, but can I
    simply keep it real? I admire President Obama and his wonderful family, but,I am fearful that some will forget that he is not God. I am not trying to take anything away from him, but we have to seek God and know that He is the only one who can truly bring change; change in the nation, change in the House, change in the Senate, change in families, change in the lost.
    I believe that there is a prophetic word being carried out and God has allowed everything to happen as it has. I simply want us to know that it is the Father working in and through President Obama, and He will extend His grace and mercy in every aspect of our lives. I will continue to pray for this wonderful family. My prayer is that God will use them like never before. One thing you said in church one Sunday that really stuck in my spirit is that we must pray for all of our leaders. Before you said that I had never really considered that. I cannot even say I know why I had not considered it. But as you do so many times, you allowed me to truly understand who God is. He created all of us, therefore, with all of our flaws, peculiar ways and Idiosyncrasies, we all have purpose and He uses us for our purpose. I think about how I used to say bad things about President Bush, but I realize He belongs to God, as does Obama. I had to ask for God's forgiveness.

    Am I proud? Absolutely! I am a teacher in Norfolk Public Schools, and maybe I was just so happy to have a snow day, but I do not think that it was a coincidence that we had not had a
    day out in 4 or 5 years. Even in this aspect, I know God was working. My mind is blown everyday by God. We cannot not just sit back and enjoy the ride. As a the church we must stay prayerful and thankful. I thank our ancestors for their struggle to pave the way and I thank God for making a way out of no way!

  43. Bless you for the word. I will keep in prayer asking, seeking and listening to your words about what it is that the Lord will have me to do to influence others for the good and for His glory with a "spirit of excellence"! May you and your family continually be Blessed, Bishop

  44. Excellent! Your thoughts were right on point Bishop! My prayer is that the church (true believers) will ask themselves what they can do to change things. As I've heard you say plenty of times, Obama is going to need Jesus far more than any man/woman he has selected for his team......Thanks for being an excellent leader Bishop! God bless you and yours!

    Angelia Wallace
    Norfolk, VA

  45. Bishop McBath:
    Your blog was extremely enlightening and informative. It has assisted in affording me the opportunity to get my finger on the pulse in today's America. I still am not able to feel the euphoria of this nation. I dare not share this with many because when I do, I am persecuted. Even with Dr. King and President Obama, I feel some exalt a man above the Lord. I can't help but remember how the children of Israel wanted a king, and look who they received.
    It was Saul. I do not want us to be deceived as a nation and just cry out for a leader. Yet, it is my desire that we pray the Lord's best for our country and the world. We must pray, pray, and then pray some more. I wrestled with the fact of voting for President Obama. Yet, how could I not. Your blog brought to light facts that really shows that truly God is working. Although I am not yet euphoric, I am settled in my choice. Thank you Bishop.

  46. Shariva Robinson, Va BchFebruary 2, 2009 at 10:15 PM

    Bishop, what a great post! Thank you, sir. Wow, you pointed out so many things I found so many crucial points which could've gone overlooked: 5-grace, 40-Critical move and generational impact. I truly believe that God is in all this, merely because I believe that God is sovereign! I believe that Pres. Obama is much like the Esther of our time, in such, a young African boy who should've lost his hope was able to bring hope to a people, African-Americans, who had seemingly gave up their hope. Hope never truely left us but I believe it lied dormant because an entire people somehow forgot who they REALLY were (as children of the Most High). I think some failed to understand that hope dwelled within, in the person of Jesus Christ (greater is He who is IN us). The world felt it needed a savior, via a man/president, to come and rescue it from the perilous times ahead. However, it's the church's mandate to impact the world, via the HOLY SPIRIT and bring real truth and positive, long lasting, change to the lost! I believe Pres. Obama, my new Commander in Chief, will need a praying spirit and a people who know how to pray to back him up. I believe God is using him as a "Josiah type" to stir up the people and get them to move. But we know, it's only God, Jesus, and the Word that can bring a true revival which will CLEANSE and HEAL the land! I believe NOW is the time for the church to RISE UP and take its rightful place in every system of this world and in every kingdom, i.e. economic, educational, entertainment, military, etc. Let's Go Calvary! Let's Go CRC! Let's Go Jesus! Let's Go Into All the World!

  47. Bishop: This goes to show that "God is always in control"...This was and is his will; It is part of his plan...So let's try to have the mind of Christ and seek "wisdom" and This is what Jesus Christ came for. (It's Deep). I'm proud of Barrack Obama and believe he needs all of our prayers. God Bless!

  48. Bishop McBath, As a man of humility who has taught it to the church what you do you think about the the worship that is seen within and without the black community toward President Obama? There is a laying at his feet that is not natural. Does not only JESUS receive that type of treatment and glory? Why is the church not speaking about that?

    What about the fact that he is pro-choice? What about the way he's handled himself within the first few days of presidency with reversing Mexican Policy and Gitmo and other concerns? Do we completely turn our heads because of the significance of his blackness as president?

    It concerns me that we are not just praying for President Obama and respecting the office of presidency but rather I am seeing Christians alike falling at his feet in worship. Not just in like or honor but in WORSHIP.

    Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD (not a man).

    Help us LORD!

  49. Yes, Now is the time for salvation! During our prayer walk, we prayed for Inauguration 2009 to be a setup for evangelization -- that many unbelievers would go with the wonderful agenda of seeing history, and leave with a memorial stone of it being the day of their salvation! One comment has been consistent at the dawn and culmination of this piece of history: There is so much love. It is the love that gives me pause. Love brings people to common ground. The gateway is being opened for government agencies to embrace faith-based organizations. Prayerfully, the vast majority of those organizations will be on-point Christians. Ready, or not -- the time is especially now for the church to arise. If a man doesn't work, he doesn't eat. We (the ready) will work, and we will eat the fruit of our labor. To God, Be All The Glory! It's all about Jesus!

  50. I wanted to make a comment about your last comment Courtney. I believe that that the Govenment will rest upon the Lords sholders and Not the church. I know that there are those in the church that want to rule wit hte dominion doctrine and they go too far. Knowing you and your teachings I am sure that you mean to say that the LORD will rule through His people. We repersent Him but we are not Him. I feel that it is important to state that the more we let the Lord rule in and through us, the more the Lords kingdom is repesented in the earth but it is not governed directly by Him but through us.

  51. Hello, I wanted to make a comment about your comment at the end of your letter that said "We, the church, are destined to carry the government"... I wanted to say that it is important to make the distintion that between the Lord and the church. The scripture says that the Govt. will be on HIS Sholders and Not the Church. Yes it is true that we are instuments of the Lord, but we are not the place where the Govenment rests. It rest always on the Lord and we rest on Him. There is a difference between the one who has the authority and the ones who execute His authority. Some who believe the Kingdom teaching take this scripture to suggest that we here in place of the Lord instead of the Lord working through us.

  52. Awesome blog, Bishop! I am still in awe of the day. I am inspired, challenged and concerned for many of the same reasons as your comments as well as others. I pray for President Obama because no one man can heal all the worlds hurts except for Christ. I pray man's expectation of him does not rival with the fact he may experience setbacks while transitioning through this renewal in our country. Of course, revival begins with the Church and our expectation should be of Christ. Thank you for being such a great leader and example to the Body. Love you both.

  53. Bishop: Thank you for your insight. I will always go back to your message on Daniel and how God used him through 5 difference administrations and he realized the opportunity he had to make a change. We are no different even during this historic season. The table has been set and opportunity has been granted; all we need to do is rise up and take our rightful place and become the church that God expects us to be....We have the answers because we serve a God of answers. What an awesome time to be alive.


  54. Bishop let me first say that I live in Atlanta and was born in Va.Beach and love your teachings everything time I get a chance to hear from you. Grace and peace from New Birth. WOW! what a timely message for today, and how appropo as it relates to the church. Not only is the president asking us a people to step up and do our part, but it is clearly marked in your words. We have come this far by grace and it is grace that will lead us on for the next generational change. I pray that everyone of every nationality and color from what every they read and believe will too heed this call. It is not up to just the president, but up to the nation. God Bless.

  55. God gave the children of Israel King Saul even though God did not want him to be king.

    Does God want a president that promotes "hands that shed innocent blood",
    That accepts men with men as morally equal to a man and women

    That the world loves. (friendship with the world is the enemy of God)

    Godless hollywood, hiphop, mtv and many others love the views of our president.

    and now the elect of God are celebrating the same as the world.

    "Many will be decieved"

  56. Hi Bishop & Pastor Janeen, I'm glad that you were both there to witness history. It's not a coincidence that dates, generations, etc. are all lining up. This is God's timing! Had it not been for the hand of God, our President would not have been in the white house. God chose him from birth to be who he has become today and God knew all the challenges he would face. People should not expect him to do miracles since that position is permanently filled by God himself. What we as God's people should do is to pray for the government and prepare for the Glory of God that is going to hit this Nation and eventually the world.

  57. WoW, Bishop! As I watched the service (via streaming faith, here in Chicago) this morning and you addressed your experience at the inauguration, it reminded me of what you said to me in the boutique that one evening. You stated this was the hardest electoral decision you ever struggled with. Something kept me from asking why, partly would be my insecurity manifested more in a arrogant agreement--as if I really understand, the other part would be a fear of hearing the truth.

    Most of us as African American hate to admit it, we voted for this man because he too claimed being African American. Few really researched WHO this man is at the core of his being. I got the his book, Audacity of Hope, and this helped me to learn more about who he believed he is, and I came face to face with ideals we share that are very different like abortion rights, and those that are the same, such as loving GOD and making HIM head of your life.

    I know that this is a turn in century, so many people, young and old feel a sense of jubilee--freedom and overcoming. Mr. President is so charismatic, which makes everyone who listens to him feel anteceptism (Mary’s NSV)...we feel better.

    A friend admitted last night that she dreamt before Pres. Obama's election, that he signed the new world order for one government--as we see how well he is received and loved by people from other countries (partly because of his intelligence, the other because the Black Man is well received in most other countries in this world). The night of the election I was driving a Jordanian, Egyptian, and a Lithuanian in my car, and one asked if I think Mr. Obama would win--I stated that I will be voting for him--he stated he and his people hopes that he does, but also hope he doesn't have an ending like Kennedy's.

    I decided people are what make life as hard as they are valuable to life itself. My sister and girlfriend raved about all the reason this country is not ready for a "Black" president and how it will not happen--and they did not think he was ready. Then, after the election, these same people astounded with crazy overjoyed--"We Made It” after his election. I wondered if they even voted for him, but mostly I wondered is this how people looked to Jesus. I told my sister that the same people who praise Pres. Barack today will curse him tomorrow...we need to pray for ourselves.

    I thought this morning about the 'one world order', and thought about what you were saying about how the preparation in the Old Testament prepared the way for Christ's coming in the New. The fear of the unknown and doubt left me, when I stated to a friend (Cheryl), these things must come--so, Christ may return. GOD's Will be done. Now I realize that all these things are working together truly for our GOOD. I want what is coming for the grace and sake of GOD's plan.

    Short: The church must take its rightful place in the lives of GOD's people, community & government. I was asking GOD for 7 years of Jubilee, now I just ask HIS Will--HE knows Best.

    Thank-you, Bishop. Mary L. Aaron, Chicago, IL

  58. Dear Bishop,

    First, I really appreciate you being at the inguguration for us who couldn't attend and had to stay home in our warm recliners and watch it from there. We didn't miss a minute. It was all great and we are happy about this great event. I thought that I saw you there. :-)
    Thank you for once again helping us to put the whole thing into a godly perspective. We come to expect that of you. You truly bless us all.
    Bishop, this abortion and same sex marriage stuff
    is trouble for this country. I know that goes without saying, but it's the Churches time to stand up and start becoming the influencer God wants It to be. I also believe that God will open the door for you to be able to speak into this problem on a national scale, even influencing President Obama. We are praying and interceeding for you as you continue to be the Man Of God that He has called you to be. We stand with you sir. We love and Pastor Janeen

  59. Bishop McBath,

    As a read your comments, I could not help but think of how proud our grandmothers (Gertrude Williams and Gertrude Echols) would be. When we were young, growing up in and around the "Old Field" community of Alcoa, Tennessee, no one ever thought that we would see such a day and time as this. I too was full of questions about God's plan for not only the nation, but His people as well.

    Our focus, now, more than ever, should be on the Lord's plan. We must remember that our confidence and trust should be in Him and Him only, for President Obama is not THE Savior of the world.

    I regret that I was unable to see you during your visit to Alcoa, Tennessee, but am continually praying for you, your family, and the wonderful ministry over which the Lord has given you charge.

    Be blessed,

    Sincerely, Julia (Moffie) Roper-Walker

  60. Hello All!

    My husband and I were also among the sea of people at the inauguration. So many thoughts went through my head! I felt as if time slowed as I looked at the many faces around me laughing; eating, talking, taking pictures with complete stranger. I just looked to heaven and was reminded of how truly awesome God is. I stood in one place because of course my feet were frozen…but as our first African American President placed his hand on the bible I was reminded that I too can change the world.

    So as I walked away towards the metro, with a feeling that we all were meant to make a difference somewhere and in the life of someone. Each day I wake up I ask God “why I am here and what am I suppose to do?” Even when am I suppose to do it. God has given us all some amazing ideas and talents … when are we going to start making a difference in the live of those around us, our community, families, members of our church. I challenge us all to remember the dreams God planted in us all so long ago…Get Up! It’s time to make a difference. I tell my girls sweetly every chance I get …Nyah …Jayla you are going to change the world. So again I ask you blogger, church members and all when …when are we going to change the world and stop being afraid to step up and out on faith.

  61. Even though we do live under grace,I think it would be good to direct our thoughts to what God meant to be set as an example for us, in Deut. 15. President Obama has such a huge undertaking in reference to the present state of the people in the US., our allies, enemies and the economy of the United States. THis inauguration was a landmark. Im glad to see the Bishop and Pastor Janeen were able to go to something so admirable. Im praying for the President, his family as I do for Bishop and Pastor Janeen.

  62. Dearest Bishop,

    As I stood in the kitchen speaking with my children about President Obama, I attempted to explain to them how much it meant to African Americans as a people to have a black man elected President. I said to them; "when I was a little boy about your age, I remember my mother and father standing in the kitchen also, telling me why they seemed so frustrated and so down. Martin Luther King was killed today son. It's a sad day." I marvel even as I write this that a generation ago the tables were turned, and now we stand in victory as a race having someone who looks like us run the country in which we live. I use the word "victory" in the sense that now there are no more excuses for our race. We can no longer blame the white man in the literal sense for us not becoming all we can in God and in this world. It would seem as long as we hadn't overcome and conquered the position of President, the question lingering in the back of all of our minds left an open door.
    It has just been closed, by a man equally black and white.
    I can't help but think that God has given our country an opportunity to heal by unmistakingly placing a man in office that has the uncanny ability to join us as one before uttering even a single word.
    I can't help but think, as your comments concerning the grace of God warmed my heart, that God has always had a determined plan for Black people even in the depths of slavery which was our ticket to a free land only without the freedom.
    I can't help but think that just as the Isrealites were led by Moses to the brink of the Promised Land, that we have been led by a "Moses" in Martin Luther King as a people to the brink, but now are being led by a "Joshua" to enter into the Land.
    I can't help but think that we have entered the land but just as in the book of Joshua, we have giants to conquer as a nation before we can claim total victory.
    I believe the victory we so desperately need will be found in the healing of our nation, secured in racial harmony.
    I believe this is a set up by God to see if the former slaves and slave-owners can put down their differences of color, and lift up the banner of righteousness.
    I believe the church has the first opportunity to set the example of racial harmony beyond its walls to show the world how to love.
    I believe the body of Christ has a wonderful opportunity to put the word of God into action, far beyond what we’ve accomplished thus far and live out the true meaning of what Jesus died for; that being to win the world to Christ.

    I believe one day my children will stand in their kitchen telling their children about the day a black man was elected President, equally white as well as black, but more importantly about a Savior who was equally God as well as man.

    I believe…



  63. Dear Bishop McBath,
    I started watching your ministry on television many years ago. I was going through a separation and a divorce and my heart was broken. I saw you on a commercial urging us viewers to watch. Then, I saw that your broadcast was at 6am, and I thought, well....I guess I won't be watching (LOL). However, God awakened me bright & early one Sunday morning about 9 years ago and told me to watch. I have been watching from afar since then. You helped to guide me from a very dark place and you were my light when I would have just as soon walked away from God. And I have always wanted to simply say....Thank You. I want to let you know that my connection to you is distant and abstract, yet very real and life-changing. I often admire you and your wife from afar and bless God that he has raised such wonderful leaders right here in my own state (I live in Richmond).

    Having said that:
    As usual I find that you blog is as inspiring as your broadcast (to God be the glory). And I am responding to your post because there is a question within that got my attention: God, what are you saying in all that is happening?

    Four years ago, I cried when Bush won. Not because he "actually" won, but because it reminded me that the "powers that be" the status quo was again at work. And I wanted to believe, that even though there were no prospects of dynamic, fair, great candidates for president.....that we were still moving in the right direction and that God would keep his promise. So, instead of threatening to walk away from God....I asked Him, God, How could you let Bush do this to our country? How are we going to just stand around and allow Bush to kill people's kids, destroy families and hurt our country? How are you going to fix this God? How are you going to get glory from such a horrible place?
    I cried for many reasons on Inauguration Day. I cried because we won. I cried because the Obama's are an exceptional example of everything that we are as Black people, as Americans as people. I cried because the nation was on one accord. I cried because no one was successful in their attempts to do harm. But mostly I cried because...God answered my prayer.....God showed me His face that day. I cried because I learned that God listens on every level. When you think that God has forgotten, he makes himself known. Personally and nationally.

    Your blog is inspiring. Simply, it reminds me that God is in control and God has the final say. The historical parellels that you identify and highlight in the blog makes me know that God's word is true. He is a watching and a perform it. He is the beginning and the finisher. I was not alive 200 years ago, or even forty years ago for that matter. And, God. And He was and He is.....I have learned what it means to be obedient. I have learned what it means to be with God. But, more importantly, I have learned what it means that God IS......

    And, there is a revolution on the horizon. Yes, it's not about race, class, creed or religion. It is about relationships with people. So the stakes are higher, because as God has eximplified....He is rarely recognized, but always revealed. So, no longer can we see "our" people by sight alone. The new revolution requires that we look deeper, longer and wider to recognize what makes us alike. The differences we embody are no longer an appropriate means of identification for like values.

    I love you and your wife with the love of Christ.


  64. Great Blog Bishop McBath! Yes, what a remarkable position God has taken. President Obama is in his rightful place and it will not be an easy ride, but I believe God is doing the driving.

    I can say that I am happy that our President is focusing on his team that can add value to our country and not the dream that has marked history.

    Bishop McBath, I do agree that now is the time for God’s Kingdom Builders, Ambassadors, and Chosen Family to take their rightful place in the world. We are always called upon and God is still saying to us, step up I have already paved the way for you.
    So, let’s stay in God’s presence and remember our Savior has already set the scene and prepared our (Christians) positions during this journey.

    Remember, Government is not and will never be our saving grace, only Jesus has the title and status of Savior. And we have been given access to draw on His power, so let’s ask ourselves are we in our rightful place to build the kingdom of God?

    God’s Grace, Love, and Peace, have been extended to a dying country.

    Let our voices continue to be heard and assure Christ remains the Landmark of America and around the World!


  65. Bishop~

    Truly GOD's work must be our own. And, "yes." The church will carry the government on its' shoulders. Hence, President Obama has revamped and renamed a vital arm of government the "Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnership Initiative."

    So, let's roll up our sleeves...Caring for one American (regardless of religious persuation or the lack there-of) at a time...

    Shine in '09,
    Cordia T. Francis, M.A.

  66. Wow..
    As I reflect on what you said...
    The things that I am going through seem so small.
    I feel selfish

    As a Church with so much responsibility. I feel that selfishness should be laid aside. We all need to reflect on our purpose and not our circumstances.
    I feel honored to be a member of this Church and I know that God is changing me through his Word.

    I appreciate the vision God has given you.

  67. J. B. Plummer-WashingtonFebruary 6, 2009 at 2:36 AM

    Hi Bishop,

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts regarding your witnessing of the events of the inauguration. To be in attendance during our new president's acceptance into the most powerful position in the United States today was an opportunity of a lifetime! I am sure that the atmosphere was quite electrifying! It was also good to read your thoughts regarding various events that can be linked (past and present) and various historical information that can be understood through biblical study.

    However in retrospect, I do find the varied comments from your readers, (those both sharing your views, as well as those posting views not totally in line with your views) rather interesting as well. We as a people are able to enjoy a basic opportunity as Americans. . . to express our thoughts without fear of reproach. Through this medium, you have even allowed a few to be able to "blow off" a little steam! Some even gave names. LOL

    I recognize, as do many others, your gift to be able to disect and serve up information based on the leadings of God. The fact that you have offered us, through your blog, this opportunity to share/respond is great. It is a blessing to have a platform to express our feelings or possibly ask questions as well. Thank you for always being the trendsetter and for being willing to listen and to lead where and when led.

    Thank you also for all you do. We love you and Pastor Janeen and pray that you both will continue to be open to all that God has for you to do and that you will always walk in God's grace and blessings!

  68. Bishop McBath, I thank God that you created this blog. Your message is an answer to my prayer. It confirms what I proclaimed throughout the presidential campaign. Also, this blog provides me with an opportunity to share. Like you, I had questions, so I searched the scripture to find the answers. God’s Word made it clear to me what I must do in, 2 Chronicles 7:14. “If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

    I forgot about everyone and focused on me. I am one of those people who are called by His name. I had to do what I was instructed to do. I humbled myself before the Lord and I cried out to Him. I asked Him to forgive me for everything that is not pleasing to Him. I prayed to God and I yield my will to His will. I turned from my ways. Then, I asked God to lead me, guide me, and direct me. I asked him to help me to stay focused on His will for America during the campaign. I asked Him to give me ears to hear what the spirit was saying to me—“the church.”

    My search of the scriptures helped me to understand what was happening around me and I did not get caught up in the hype of events. I had a clear understanding of the position of the President of the United States of America. President Obama has to accept each and every citizen of America regardless. He cannot be prejudice against any group of citizens. He has to abide by the Constitution.

    It was because of this clear understanding that I became a supporter of Barack Obama and served. I was blessed to write emails and send fax messages to encourage Obama and Michelle during those long months. God chose Obama before the foundation of the world for this time in history. He became president because it was part of God’s plan. I thank God for opening my eyes and using me to help to strengthened Obama and Michelle and lift up Jesus during the campaign.

    I received an official invitation from the Presidential Inaugural Committee requesting my presence at the Inauguration: however, I was unable to attend. But, it was an honor to be invited; it showed they appreciated my service. When I learned that you and Pastor Janeen attended, I was blessed.

    I encourage all of my sisters and brothers in the Lord to do as Bishop McBath said and “Arise.” However, before we can carry the government, we must do what Matthew 5:16 says. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” But, in order for that to happen, we must do what Jesus said in John 13: 34-35. “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” (35) “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

    I believe President Obama will do everything he can within his power. I pray that the church “Arise” and do what only the church can do for we are the “people” of God. Bishop, after all of your teachings, I do not want to be guilty of, “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

    Be Blessed in Jesus name.
    Frankie M. Harris
    Newport News Virginia

  69. Dear Bishop,
    Thank you so much for this blog. It has opened my eyes to so many different insights. While I was not able to see the full inauguration; I was able to hear bits and pieces while I worked . I work as a Patient Services Representative at a local hospital . During one of my rounds while conversing with the patients ; I was told by one of them that I had every right to be joyful today ; that every African American should be proud and joyful on such a day. I explained that while I am proud that our country has come so far , to elect an African American president , my "joy" is not dependent upon his election or upon what he does while in office . Thank you for making me keenly aware of the power We, the church possess. I stand ready to be all that Christ would have be as a part of CRC and one Living at the Next Level!

  70. As with you, Bishop, questions have flooded me as to what God intends in these times and events in history. My resolve has come in knowing that God has set a platform for his people to show forth his glory in a much greater measure, just as he promised in his word. Is looks as though we are on the eve of God's promises being manifest so the world can see more clearly WHO the answer really is!

  71. Bishop Mcbath, I have always admired your ministry and the calling you have from the Lord. When you speak, it is obvious that you spend quality time with God because of the way you present your message to the congregation. May the Lord truly bless you in all you set your heart to do in HIm.
    I have to admit that the inauguration was a moment to behold and it spoke volumes to me as I also witnessed the first African American to become the President of the United States. Certainly the Lord was tugging at my heart about some things in reference to the occassion.
    I am in agreement with most of your concerned questions about what God is doing in all of this.
    I have to admit that it does grieves me to my heart to know that society abroad and far have flocked around our new President as their only hope of salvation. Society as a whole want change(something they should long for in the church) It grieves me to my heart because of the comments I have heard from those who are saved as well as those who are unsaved about the church(what it has done and has not done) has caused people to be alittle on edge about the church which is why I believe people want change. They are looking for the President to be the example of what the the church ought to be. While it is true our new President can bring about change, he cannot bring about the change the world desperately needs.
    When Jesus began His ministry, He began to display one act of random kindness at a time and people began to flock to His ministry by the tens,hundreds and thousands. Even though this wasn't a political setting, people were coming to him because they believe he was the answer to their prayers. They were looking for Jesus to be everything they needed and He was and much more. Jesus met their needs and gave them what they truly needed, "The Message of Salvation".
    God has called us to be living examples of what christianity should be all about. Although none is perfect, we still have a responsibility to our Heavenly Father to set better examples in our lives as Christians
    We are living in obscure times and we need to ask God to open our eyes so that we as a church who has what the world "really needs" remain focus on what God has called us to do as a Nation that is under God.

    You will always be my Bishop
    The Lord bless you
    Keith Feeney

  72. I too was in awe to realize the greatness of this day--an African-American has taken oath for the highest and most powerful office in the world. But as days follow and as a christian, I was deeply distressed at the symbolic actions that President Obama took as he began his presidency. Namely, that he signed executive orders releasing funds to pay for abortions, permission to fund human stem cell research, and federal funding for contraception. It pains my heart to see a man destined for greatness and change but committed to the shedding of innocent blood.
    Where is God in all of this?
    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ we need to pray and pray hard that the blood of the innocent does not fall into our hands. President Obama is a great manifestation for the change of times. But we as Christians should not allow ourselves to be blinded FOR WE KNOW THE TRUTH and the truth is not merely an intellectual process but it is a Being--Christ Himself. Lets fight for life at every level. What if Barack Obama had been aborted? So think of the many GREAT men and Women of our times that are not being allowed to live because a woman has a right to choose. For all the women out there, where is the choice or is it merely a contradiction of what we believe--just another form of slavery. My friends we need to pray that President Obama is not only a man of the people but a GREAT man of God. For we will not answer to President Obama but to Our God. "for you know what to do, love what is good, do what is right, and walk humbly with you God." With God's grace let us do what is right. We know what is right for God has revealed it to us in HIS Holy Word--the BIBLE.

  73. Greetings Bishop!

    Thanks for opening up this forum! On many levels the inauguration of Barack Obama has changed things for people in the US and abroad. I think it is critical that we, as believers understand how to digest what happened. For we look through a godly lens while others look through the lens of disenfranchisement, hatred, pride, and the likes. I applaud your query in that in the midst of a range of interpretations, there is only one of lasting significance and that is God's interpretation. And just as Joseph was called upon to decipher Pharaoh's dream, we too must see what God is saying in all this so that we can act accordingly!

    God Bless!
    Lamont Ming

  74. This is great Bishop! Very happy that you started a blog. Great way to know your thoughts about things that are happening in the world!

  75. Bishop,

    Let me start by saying that CRC has truly been a blessing to me and my family and the leadership that you and Pastor Janeen provide is one of the reasons we decided to stay in Hampton Roads instead of moving to Charlotte, NC.

    I do believe this is the time that the church will walk according to its purpose and take the lost for Christ. One observation I have about the Obamas is their devotion to excellence and community. They could easily be CEOs, consumed right now by corporate greed and the trappings of wealth that so many of our people fall prey to and make their God. Instead, they are leading this country with the spirit of love and change. I myself have been most impressed by their ability to show that there are "real" African American families out there like themselves and not just in reruns of the Cosby show.

    After 8 years of some of the most unChristlike leadership this country has ever experienced, the Lord has chosen this time of turmoil and unrest to put this man in power. Now, all of his ideas are not what we as Christians know to be true, but I know that Jesus will still use Barack and Michelle Obama to springboard his own stimulus package; reaching the world's lost.

    May God always bless CRC and our leadership. I am so proud and thankful that the Lord placed my family in this house back in 2000. May we continue the work already started and remain excited about God's call on CRC for the future.

  76. Dear Bishop,

    I have to tell you that I had the same thoughts all last year leading up to November. My question was always “God is this the time” the time for the church to make moves locally, nationally and even globally more powerful than ever before? I believe so, for our President has calls for national mood of volunteerism and I say what entity other than the church operates in this manner more? This is an opportunity and it’s time for the church to take full advantage. Bishop I believe in your vision for CRC so let go with God leading the way!

    God Blessings,
    Bro Paul
    Audio Ministry

  77. Wow!!! Bishop & Pastor Janeen, there have been many post here to dissect and digest. However, I just wanted to share a simple thought...Not so deep, I too was there and just to be there, in this time, having been blessed to have made it through my mess, I'm just thankful that His grace afforded me the chance to be in that place. God Bless...And please, please, keep keeping it real.

    Eric Ward

  78. Dear Bishop,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts & wisdom. Our prayer should should always and forever be God let your will be done in this nation. Barack Obama has a tough road ahead,I just pray he allows God to lead him and not man. The expectation of him resolving the economic crisis is so high, while he continues to meet resistance and try to meet campaign promises, we can see this is more than any man can handle without the help of God. Even in these draw backs and difficult times, I'm still hopeful for the possibilities of our nation to grow in love ,peace and to finally one day be truthful when the words recited are"one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all".

    Thank you
    may God always bless you & your family