Saturday, February 7, 2009

Inauguration Insights Continuing from Last Week

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the great comments and thoughts on my blog. A couple of you asked me to break it down a little more so here it goes...

The idea that a generation has passed since Dr. King died and the five generations have passed since the birth of Lincoln made me consider a couple of things. First, is this now a new generation of African American leadership that is not limited to any one community? Is this the time of fulfillment of King's vision and dream? The vision of African Americans serving and leading all Americans.

Is this the time for the church to walk in the powerful grace of God and bring people to the change and prosperity that only Jesus can give?


  1. Bishop,

    Will you address those of us who are disturbed and concern about President Obama and the decisions he's made since in office as well? We respect the office but what about the 'black' worship we're seeing also of President Obama. We are putting so much emphasis on the fact that he's black but are we viewing his views and decisions for the nation? Not just the people who voted for him! What about the issue of LIFE for the unborn?

    My concern is that the church is not calling down the idolatry and worship at the feet of this man who is President but is still a man. Are we not only to worship at the feet of JESUS?!

    Thank you Bishop.

  2. We still have people in the local Police Dept., Correctional Center and Ches. Community Services Board (Mental Health) that are caught in "the good ole boy system". They will not be held accountable for being deliberate indifference in withholding necessary medication for continous treatment of Bipolar and Depression disorders. Some of these individuals were promoted. We can move on to fulfill King's vision and dream. But we have some seriour house cleaning on the way.

  3. First of all, I want to give God all of the glory for just allowing me to worship and become a new member of Calvary Revival Church. It has been an honor and privilege to sit under the powerful anointing of Bishop McBath and Pastor Janeen McBath. I just want to say that God ordained for us to have our first African American President to serve this country. I want to say that we as a church need to keep our eyes on Jesus Christ in this season and pursue him fully so that we can help unbelievers put their trust in an man but to pt their trust totally in God. This recession is going to take a miracle from God. We as Christians need to activate our faith and trust God in this time. I believe that this season more people are going to have questions for Christians to answer in regards to our faith and we need to know without a shadow of doubt who we are in Christ and know the word so we can hep unbelievers make it in these last days.